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Welcome to the New Zealand Red Poll Cattle Breeders Association Inc.


Red Poll cattle are a traditional British breed, native to East Anglia and originally formed by crossing the Suffolk Dun cow (a dairy type) and the Norfolk Red (which was beefier) in 1780.

They were first imported into New Zealand in 1898, by Sir Heaton Rhodes, M.P. (Otahuna Stud) of Tai Tapu, Christchurch who brought a bull and three in-calf cows from England, on board the S.S.  Tokomaru, arriving here on the 10th of March 1898. Further animals were imported by Rhodes in 1905, and then by M.H. Strachan of Kowhai Station in Gisborne in 1907 and 1912.

In England the Red Poll was often used for dairying although originally they were considered more as a dual purpose breed, which means that they produced both excellent milk and beef.
Red Polls are now used by commercial and pedigree breeders throughout the UK and overseas, especially in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Europe, Jamacia and the USA, to produce an excellent suckler cow with plenty of milk with which to rear a strong and healthy pure bred or cross bred calf.

Annual Sale report

2013 Red Poll Sale Report.
Sale Held: 11th April.
Two 18 month old, unmated heifers; Not Sold
All other cattle were all 2012 born – recently weaned calves.
Dawn Mist Stud sold 3 females for an average of $680
Rosemarkie Stud sold 2 females for an average of $630
Tamihana Stud sold 6 females for an average of $716, and 2 bulls – 1 at $1050 and 1 at $1400.
Top priced male was $1400 for Tamihana TK Victor CP. Top priced female was $1100 for Tamihana TK Verdi.
Three bull calves were unsold.

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To give away

"Woodcocks" stud catalogue of animals 2003 & 2006 -good reference for someone with those lines.

Various Red Poll News and Sales Catalogues from 1991 onwards.

An Australian Red Poll Annual -2003.

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